Written words stole my… mind

Dear possible readers, I write to you now it complete and utter heart break. A few days ago I stumbled Upton the author Pepper Winters, and now my heart is just realising how much of a devastating mistake that was. My brain, however, is screaming at me in congratulations. 'Pennies' just opened up my heart,... Continue Reading →



Good morning possible readers. Saturday's are probably my favourite morning of the week. You thought I was going to say day, didn't you? More so around this time of year, if I'm honest. Christmas is exactly one month away, and I honestly feel there is no better feeling than opening the curtains to frost grass... Continue Reading →

Lies.. Liza Minnelli

Good morning world. As I sit here pondering over my 2nd cup of coffee of the day.. it has come to my attention that I have failed my social media cleanse. Well.. Last night I failed. I caved in. But it's okay. I have removed all negativity from social media and not looking at certain... Continue Reading →

Fiona, at your service.

Good morning world. It is apparent that I've woken up with the biggest break out of my life. I'm literally looking and feeling like Fiona from Shrek this morning. And this children, is why we're striving to eat healthier. Day 2 of not being on social media and I feel.. somewhat free. It's becoming 'what... Continue Reading →

Just a girl excited for Christmas

Afternoon dearest readers, it's been a while. Is it wrong that It's barely autumn, and yet here I am listening to a Christmas playlist on Youtube. Dean Martin's It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas to be exact. I'm frantically rummaging through the house for a lighter or matches, anything that I can get... Continue Reading →


Ladies and gentlemen. It's the time you've all been waiting for. I'm here, back, announcing that I WILL, IN FACT, be back soon. September 4th is my home coming. I cannot wait. I've got so much planned for my blog, and I'm sorry that I even stopped in the first place. I'm super excited. Love... Continue Reading →

Wait, what?

HAPPY TUESDAY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. It's okay, I'll calm down now. how have you all been? Is it just me or is it absolutely┬áMAD┬áthat it's already July? Uh, hello, it's literally going to be Christmas before we know it. I've woken up in the best mood, regardless of the fact that I set my alarm for... Continue Reading →

Hannah? Who’s she?

Hello, beautiful. How gorgeous is this weather? So, once again, I've not posted for a couple of months or like a month-ish. I'm getting back into writing again (how many times have I said that?) and I'm finding it easier. I'm currently working on a new novel. For those of you who are unaware, my... Continue Reading →

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