Just a girl excited for Christmas

Afternoon dearest readers, it’s been a while.

Is it wrong that It’s barely autumn, and yet here I am listening to a Christmas playlist on Youtube. Dean Martin’s It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas to be exact.

I’m frantically rummaging through the house for a lighter or matches, anything that I can get my hands on to light every single candle I own.

Autumn, and the whole idea of Christmas its, without a doubt, my favourite time of the year. The weather gets colder, the nights get darker earlier and everyone is finally in coats, scarves and boots again. Honestly, does it get any better?

Speaking of candles. I basically almost set the house on fire this morning. The toaster being my weapon of choice. I tried putting spaghetti in it to try and light it. I tried a twig and a piece of paper, and none worked. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. I wouldn’t have given up if the smoke alarm hadn’t started screaming at me! 2nd attempt tried. Almost burnt the house down again, but successfully lit the candle .fullsizeoutput_477

If you’re wondering what it’s sitting on, my boyfriend made me a ‘coaster’ when he was at work – little sweetie.

My birthday is fast approaching this month and I’m absolutely dying to get my hands on the Warm Cashmere Yankee Candle.

I want to decorate my room all autumnal and get some autumnal coloured bed sheets. Oh I do love this time of the year!

Love always,





Wait, what?


It’s okay, I’ll calm down now. how have you all been? Is it just me or is it absolutely MAD that it’s already July? Uh, hello, it’s literally going to be Christmas before we know it.

I’ve woken up in the best mood, regardless of the fact that I set my alarm for 7:30pm instead of am… I woke up at 8, so all is well.

I wish there was a way I could make this blog more personal without having to pay ridiculous amounts a year, just to do what I love doing. LORD HELP ME.

I think I’ve had enough coffee for this morning..

Love always,



Hannah? Who’s she?

Hello, beautiful.

How gorgeous is this weather?

So, once again, I’ve not posted for a couple of months or like a month-ish. I’m getting back into writing again (how many times have I said that?) and I’m finding it easier. I’m currently working on a new novel. For those of you who are unaware, my dream is to be published one day. But right now, that’s all it is. A dream.

The weather is beautiful and I can’t seem to put a book down these days. I’m in love with love. And I guess reading other people’s stories (made up or not) just seem to make my heart happy.

Hope you have an amazing week.

Love always,


Ps – I am aware my pictures still have no relevance to my post, haha.

Just a girl bettering herself

Hello lovelies.

How have you been? My posting is ridiculously irregular, but, I promise to do my best and change that all.

I’m getting back into the swing of things.. I’ve recorded what feels like a million years worth Sims LP’s.. too terrified to upload them anywhere. I’ve gotten back into writing and everything is just flowing. You’ll be surprised how much changes when you just try and get out of your own head.

I’m the happiest I’ve been in just over a week… I’m going to put it down to the coffee. Can’t live without the stuff.

Music has again become a huge obsession of mine, and I’m working toward bettering myself mentally and physically.

It’s a good day to be alive.

Love always,


Honey, I’m home.

Honey, I am home. Have you missed me? Who am I kidding, of course you have!

It’s been what feels like forever and I cannot even begin to tell you just how fucking much  I have missed blogging.

I apologise that this post may actually not make any sense… say hello to rambling me, again. I have got so much to get off of my chest.

  • #1. It has actually occurred to me that we no longer live in the real world. We’re all online. I have been without internet for at least 3 weeks now and have had to survive on my data plan from my phone (which let me tell you I scrimped and saved and it only ran out a few days ago.) It’s mad just how much people rely on their phones, and how lost every one becomes when they become of no use to them.  Because of this, I’m going to binge the internet for a couple of days before shutting myself out of it again. Something needs to be done.
  • #2. Some people just want to watch the world burn. I feel like no matter how much I wanna talk about the future and my hopes and dreams, there is always some body around the corner ready to stamp out that flame. Hannah, happy? How dare she. I know, it was quite the shock for me too.
  • #3. The real world is a terrifying place, and I’m not sure I’m cut out for it. Think of it this way.. I’m a 22 year old recluse who would much rather spend her life hidden away, keeping herself content than go out and explore everything the world has to offer. Maybe I should see a therapist?

I’ve lost my train of thought.

Love always,




4 years and 10 months I’ve put up with you.

4 years and 10 months I’ve put up with your obsessive clean ways. 

The fact that you don’t like to sit in the bedroom with the curtains drawn, or how everything has to be the way you left it. Or maybe how the left side of the bed is considered yours during the day and only mine when we go to sleep.

4 years I’ve put up with your obsession with cars, and how you never stop talking about them. Especially when you see a car you like when we’re out and you just have to roll your window down to listen to it drive past. 

4 years I’ve dealt with the arguments, the name calling and the abusive text messages when you’re angry.


For 4 years I’ve been round your infectious laughter. 

Been with you when you’ve been so tired that you say “yeah, we’ll watch that movie.” 10 minutes in, you turn toward me and say “I wanna hug.” And fall asleep.

4 years of non stop happiness. 

4 years of just us. And I’m proud to say not many people would be able to stand each other living how we do and how we have.

We’re complete polar opposites, and that’s what makes us so perfect.

I wouldn’t want to do life with anyone else but you. 

Love always,


Internet, how I have missed you.

Dear readers.

I cannot tell you how much I have missed writing. It’s surprising what you miss when you no longer have the option. I say this because I don’t have internet at home for another week yet, so, instead, I’ve dragged my sorry self over to my mums. Let me tell you I have a lot to catch up on.

Love always,


Attempting to blog again.

Good morning, world. It has been too long.

Have you ever looked at your online persona and just thought ‘shut up, honestly’ when you scroll through old status’/tweets/insta’s ?

I am a self proclaimed junk food lover (definitely has to change) and coffee addict. And I’m sitting here pondering to myself how in the hell I’ve gone from making my new years resolution to get healthy to binge eating and living one hell of an unhealthy life style.

No more I say.

I’ll admit, kinda pictured someone from the elizabethan era in a heated argument screaming that.

I want to get back to writing. I literally don’t understand why I stopped and I’ve always been beyond obsessed. I need to re motivate myself, pull my shit together and stop talking about doing things, and just do them

Also, I promise to get back to blogging. I’m sorry for stopping.

Love always,


She’s rambling again..

Good morning world.

Have you ever wished you were born somewhere else? A different nationality, maybe?

I’m sat here on this chilly Thursday morning, pondering the same thought over my cup of tea.

I apologise on behalf of myself and the fact that I’m going to probably bounce from one subject to another in this post.

I feel like I’m finally finding myself again. Words are just rolling from my mind right out of my finger tips, and life isn’t feeling so heavy any more. I’m finding positivity in myself instead of looking for it else where, and it’s the best feeling ever. Just being able to make myself happy is like the biggest eye opener, because a few weeks ago, I wouldn’t have thought that that was possible.

I feel like I deny myself happiness because of the way I view myself. ‘Oh, you look this way, you can’t possibly be happy because you look like that.’ ‘Oh, you haven’t achieved as much as everyone else, what do you have to be happy about?’

I feel like it might take a while, but I’m determined to get to where I want to be in life, whether it takes me 2 months or 2 years.

Like my mum says to me ‘don’t run before you can walk.’

Love always,