Behind the mask

Hello world.

So, I really want to start this post off with “having had my tea/coffee, we can begin” however, I have made the decision to go on a caffiene detox, and praying that I’m going to start feeling better about myself, don’t worry, I’m fully prepared for the tiredness and bitchiness, it is inevitable.

So I guess what I should really be saying is.. Having started the day off with my pomegranate herbal tea, I’m preparing to tackle the day (minus the fact that I’ve had 2 slices of pizza for breakfast, but I can work that off during the day, right?)

I was thinking last night, before I went to bed, which is something I do a lot, it actually gets to the point where I can’t sleep because my mind is being overactive.. But what I’m trying to say is that I was thinking last night about girls wearing make up and such. I don’t wear it.. not really, unless you count mascara and possibly lipgloss some times, then maybe I do. But what I mean is if a guy looks at a girl with make up on, I’m talking the full works, layer upon layer.. and this is not me criticising, I’m literally saying that you have to put layer upon layer on to get the desired look that you’re looking for sometimes. When they see them, it’s like “god damn, did you see her” and in the nicest way possible.. would he still think the same thing if she didn’t wear any make up? if he could see what she looks like naturally. I’ve actually gone completely off track..

What I mean is that guys don’t tend to look at the girl walking down the street with her hair in a messy bun and no make up on, they’re going to look at the girl next to her with her perfectly curled hair or straightened.. and her make up done perfect too. And I just cannot for the life of me get my head round that idea. I physically do not understand the females that wear make up every day, like the full works. It’s completely beyond me.

Opinions anyone?

Love always.



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