Hello world, just a quick one.

As I mentioned earlier on today that I’m starting a caffeine detox today. Well, little miss can’t stick to anything here managed to consume not only 2 cups of tea, but a whole jar… I say jar because I use an old coffee jar (please don’t ask questions) to put drinks in, so any way, a whole jar of coke. Yes, way to go, Hannah, attempt to avoid caffeine and instead consume as much as possible.

However, tomorrow is a new day, and I WILL limit myself to 1 maybe two cups of tea tomorrow, the rest will consist of flavoured waters and herbal tea. Well the hope is to avoid all caffeine possible, but if I find myself in a situation where I feel I cannot not have a tea or coffee then I will allow myself to cave in, instead of being like “I can’t have tea or coffee, so I’m going to drink it because I can’t have it.”

I cannot stick to anything, but I will try to.

Any way, have a lovely night, grab a cup of tea before bed (seeing as I can’t, do it for me) and relax and fall into the best sleep of your life because sleep is everything, and who doesn’t love a perfect mattress after a long day?

I’ll see you back here tomorrow if you want to meet someone new. Check in on my posts 😉

Love Always.




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