Marley and Me (literally)

Good morning/ afternoon/ evening world, wherever you are.

Ever since I was little I always wanted a dog. A dog I could love, nurture, take on walks and grow up with.

When I was 11 my parents rescued a Jack Russell from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, and I was so happy. However Izzie (the dog) was 4 years old at the time we rescued her, and 3 years later my parents divourced and my dad took the dog with him.

Fast forward 3 years and I was constantly agging my boyfriend (I’m going to call him Will, for those of you who don’t know him) about the fact that we should get a dog, and there was no way that we weren’t going to get one (I’m a great girlfriend, I know.) So, come my brother’s 21st birthday (little did we know this would be the day that we got a puppy, although I had already been out and got puppy supplies, because as I said before, I was adamant to get a puppy) I get a phone call from the people that we were buying Marley from (I had already got in contact with the owner of the dog we were going to buy) who told us she was ready to be picked up. In a panic I run to Will, who is in the garden manning the BBQ at the time, and more or less throw the phone at him, he proceeds to talk to the owner and arrange to go and pick Marley up in like half hour. So Will disappears to go and get Marley (who we actually hadn’t named at that point, may I point out) and I’m axiously waiting at my dad’s house for him to arrive. At some point I walk into my dad’s living room (after just having come off of the phone to Will, who said that Marley was really quiet and really well behaved) and saw my Will’s mum’s car pull up outside, I’ve never ran outside quicker. So, Will get’s out of the car with Marley, back faced to me and takes her to the back seat so she can say goodbye to his little brother and sister.

And then he turned around, and this is the face that I was greeted with.


Then Will came walking toward me with a big grin on his face as he handed Marley to me, I walked into dad’s and introduced her to Izzie (who usually doesn’t get on well with other dogs, but maybe it’s because Marley was a puppy) afterward, I ran into my dad’s room to get Marley’s toys and food and food bowl, Will followed close behind and I turned around and said to him “I want to call her Marley” and he said “me too.”

So, that night we get home, Marley’s crate is already put up with her bed in, and her toys, she’s been sleeping on the bed with me most of the evening because Will was building a wardrobe, I pick her up, put her in the crate and leave the door open so she doesn’t feel trapped, and get into bed with Will and we’re just about to fall asleep when she starts whining. I told Will to ignore it and that she will realise that she has to sleep in her own bed… less than five minutes later he pulls her up onto the bed and says “just for tonight” and low and behold they both fall asleep in 20 seconds flat. 2 years later, and she’s still sleeping on the bed with us… and yes, she’s a fully grown dog now, but, that’s the advantage of having a super king sized bed.

For those wondering, Marley is a German Shepherd, Staffordshire Bullterrier mix.

After Marley, I can officially say that I would never even dream of getting a small dog now. She’s such a character, she probably thinks that she;s human.

Here are a few more puppy photos.

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And now what she currently looks like, I also apologise for her human ways in some of the photos.

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Marley is literally the best dog I could ever ask for. I wouldn’t change a thing about her, and yes, if she wants to carry on beliving she is human, I’ll let her.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and if you have any questions regarding Marley, or just wanna ask anything in general, feel free to comment below.

Love always.



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