Baking, tree’s and Christmas spirit

Hello world.

Christmas is exactly 11 days away, and I’m starting to feel it. I FEEL THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT.

So, in spirit of Christmas, I went and visited my mum on Saturday and BOOM, decided to bake chocolate chip cookies (I’m really not much of a baker.)

The smell of the cookies baking, combined with my mum’s Christmas tree all lit up, every conveivable candle that she had was also lit up and The Polar Express was on tv, was literally the defintion of Christmas.





What you see here, ladies and gents, is my first ever attempt at cookie dough. Can’t bake cookies without trying one fresh from the oven, am I right or am I right? ps, yes, that is my foot in the corner, I’m so happy that it finally got its limelight! And obviously, the last picture is the full batch done, cookie anyone?


Here before your eyes is the abundance of candles that I lit in my mum’s living room. Polar Express was not on at this time, instead I was Watching River Cottage Christmas (got to be watching at least one cooking show this time of year.)


I cannot tell you how much I love my mum’s Christmas tree this year, isn’t it beautiful, oh, and seeing as it’s right at the front of the photo, mum puts this cute little girl on fairy, it’s something new this year.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post (even though it was rushed, sorry)

Love always,



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