Body Madness.

Hello world,

having had my protien shake… THAT’S RIGHT, I SAID IT, PROTIEN SHAKE.. and having exercised, I can now tackle another blog post for today.

I know what you’re thinking.. Where has our coffee addicted, junk food lover gone? Nowhere, I’m right here, it’s just my inner skinny girl is screaming out to me to get myself into shape, she wants to break free from her fat outter shell. Understand?

I feel like I’ve put my body through so much stress over this past year, and now (although it’s not the New Year) I feel is the right time to get my shit together.

I started a diet at the start of the year, and I did so well, I didn’t lose much weight (6 pounds in 2 months, and then gave up because I wasn’t seeing results.) I was only dieting though, I wasn’t working out, so that was probably half of my problem. Then about 2 months ago I went through a lot of stress and lost 11 pounds, my mind was like *great, this will help kick start a good diet* except I got a bit over confident and started eating crap again and gained 8 pounds. But the way I lost the weight wasn’t great either, and now, here I am, trying the healthy approach for what feels like the hundrenth time.

So from here on out it’s just going to be herbal tea’s, protien shakes, good food and exercise, and I couldn’t think of anything worse, who’s with me?!

Love always,


Ps -Trust me to start dieting and exercising 11 days before Christmas!


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