Hannah’s Ramblings #2

Good morning world, and what a fine winters (Not sure if I should be putting an apostrophe S here or not) morning it is.

Christmas is just over a week away and with that my inner child (not very well hidden, might I add) is screaming out to me… That and I’ve seen the presents under my mum’s tree.. I’m a child in a.. well I’m not going to finish the sentence, what with being 4ft11 I can hardly say adult’s body, eh?

I even made a Christmas playlist the other day as well, look at me getting into the spirit of Christmas. Thankfully I’ve gotten all my shopping done and what’s left is wrapping (obviously) only, like the poor excuse for a female that I am, I cannot wrap for shit, so the boyfriend shall be doing it this year (again) .. I swear it’s the awkwardly shaped objects and nothing to do with the fact that I am the worst present wrapper in history, literally.

Speaking of history, do you ever wish you could erase all the mistakes you made in the past or take the opportunities that you never took?

Life is a funny old thing. I know people always say “the world is a scary place” I was thinking last night how scary the internet is as well, like unless you make sites private and so on and so forth, anyone could be watching what you’re doing. Now there’s something to think about.

Love always,


Ps- expect a rather Christmassy post tomorrow, I’M FEELING CHRISTMAS…. that could have been an awkward sentence if I had left out the “TMAS” part, right? sorry, I’m rambling again!



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