Hannah’s Ramblings #3

Good morning world.

I’ve just turned down the brightness on my laptop, which has made my mood stupid amounts better.

Recently I’ve found myself to be feeling stupidly tired all the time, I’m going to blame my new coffee machine for that. I’m currently in the middle of drinking pomegranate tea, and then I’ll move onto my dragon fruit vitamin water (which is everything may I point out) and then some new vitamin water, carbonated drink I got yesterday. But enough about the liquids I’m consuming.

The New Year is fastly approaching and with it the “New Year, new me” status’ which we all know are a load of crap, nobody changes, they’re still the same asshole that they were last year, the same thing happened to me, I attempted “New Year, new me” that lasted about 2 days if that!

Apparently grapes are the way forward when you wanna feel a bit better and wake up, who knew?

Any way, I’ve basically made another pointless blog! haha

Love always,




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