Or should I say Neanderthal?

Hello world, and happy 2016.

So, I’ve been thinking and I’ve decided that I don’t understand the human race. I don’t get how 14 year olds are out there looking 18 and the 18 year old’s out there looking 40..

I also have no idea how people would rather be out drinking, or broadcasting every thing about their lives on social media (I admit I am guilty of that a few times, mainly when I’m angry, who’s with me?)

EDUCATE YOURSELVES. Learn something new. Read a damn book god damn it. And for the love of god learn about modesty. It wouldn’t kill you to not be so damn vain. Who’s interested in the person who goes out drinking like its out of fashion? who feels the need to post endless pictures of their days online. I get people who’s lives are internet based for a living etc, but jesus those who aren’t.. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU ATE LAST NIGHT, neither am I interested in the party you had last weekend and posted a million pictures of your friends in suits and dresses that quite frankly may as well be tea towels. I dare you to give me the name of an author or who’s not  J.K Rowling, J. R. R. Tolkien, Stephenie Meyer, or any other author who wrote the books to popular films you’ve seen.. Do you even read?

Shout out to the human’s who read, who do not feel the need to spam people’s social media accounts with pointless selfies and “love my new shoes” tweets. Who aren’t going out and taking ridiculous drugs because “their friends are doing it” and most importantly a huge round of a fucking plause for INDIVIDUALITY! yes.

Goodnight and goodbye.

Love always,



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