Hannah’s Ramblings #4

Good morning potentially non existent readers,

Open your eye balls, grab a cup of tea/coffee, and read what I have to say (even if it’s not interesting.)

So, I’ve figured that my blog has become more of a online journal than anything. I share my opinions on next to everything that pisses me off (which is basically everything) and tell you of my loves (not really sure if I’ve done that on here, but I used to on my old blog.) So, for my current (potentially non existent) readers I’m going to give you the link to my hideous old blog, just so you can get a proper feel for what I am like as a person, as I feel I’m trying to carry that blog on here.. so here y’are http://memyselfandohmeagain.blogspot.co.uk/

So any way, it’s Sunday morning, I had to wake my dog up (who is a very light sleeper, may I point out) to write this post as she was curled under the duvet with me. S/O for all dog lovers!

Don’t you love Sunday’s? it’s the only day that is really socially acceptable to not do anything. Sit in bed watching movies, have a little spritz around your house.. and ROAST. God I love a Sunday roast… I think I’m starting to sound like more of a man as the days go on.

Any way, I’m going to take this opportunity to crawl back into bed with my boyfriend who is refusing to even acknowledge that it’s morning.

Love always,




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