Let’s talk sex.

Hello world, I guess this wasn’t something you expected from me, honestly, it’s not something I thought I would write about either.

Now I’m not talking sex in general, I’m talking sex in relationships.

We all dive head first into our new relationships and we’re all over each other. If you’ve not done that the second you’ve gotten into a new relationship, there’s something wrong with you. Sex is exciting, most things if not everything whether it be on purpose or not, about your partner is going to turn you on. Now, before I carry on, yes, it’s great to be close with your partner, it’s great to be comfortable, but comfortable sometimes gets in the way. Unless you’re literally on your A game all the time then at some point or another as you get further into your relationship you’re going to hit a point where you think ‘this underwear is comfortable, he’ll/she’ll like it, I’m sure.’ Did you see the KEY WORD in that sentence? LIKE. Nobody wants their girlfriend/boyfriend to look at the underwear that you’re wearing and think ‘oh yeah, that looks nice.’ You want them to have to do a double take because they aren’t sure that they did actually just see what they thought they saw.

Sex is every where.

“The world is full of it. It starts when you decide what to wear in the morning. It’s there when you exchange a look with a stranger. The way you walk, the way you talk, the places you go and the things you do. Sex is not just taking your clothes off in the bedroom and fucking like an old married couple. Good sex is a lifestyle choice, not an occasion.” This is a quote from a book I am currently reading, and I couldn’t agree more. You DO NOT want to be in a relationship for god knows how long and just give up. Your partner is not going to find you sexy if you’re walking around in your mix and match underwear, no matter how comfortable your girl boxers are, they aren’t attractive. That underwear is not screaming “‘hey, I’m one-hundred percent fuckable. I’m the fantasy. I’m the girl you imagined when you jerked off in high school. I’m the girl you never thought existed outside of urban myths and porno stories. I’m the ride you’ll take the greatest high you ever had. I’m from another planet. An angel and a devil, and anything else you need me to be. I’m the girl you have to keep up with, not slow down for. The temptress, seductress, the nymph, the fantasy made real. And if you want all this, you had better have your shit together, ’cause I sure as hell know what I’m doing.'” Instead all that your man/woman is getting from that underwear is “‘Hi, I’m Lizzie. I have a life, and hopes, and fears, and dreams, and insecurities. I have a desk job that demands I wear comfortable underwear, and I have no idea how sexy  I really am. And I’m about to bring all those issues into the bedroom, so good luck you poor bastard'” again those are quotes from the book I’m currently reading. But they’re so true. (The book is called Instatiable and it’s by J.D Hawkins, in case you were wondering.)

Get out of your comfort zones and wear that sexy underwear, make your boyfriend/girlfriend see how good you look and feel confident doing it because you look fucking hot.

Love always,




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