Hannah’s Ramblings #5

Good morning my beautiful readers, and may I point out what a beautiful morning it is.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I’m not sure it’s possible for me to be in a better mood. I’m almost starting to feel like I’m in a Disney movie. One can only dream.

I apologise for my lack of post’s, I just honestly haven’t really had anything to post about, still don’t, I honestly have no idea where this post is going, I’m just writing as I’m thinking.

So. I was thinking of maybe doing like.. daily posting.. posting about my day to day life (cause y’know, who doesn’t want to read about how exciting my day is and about my thoughts and feelings, huh?)

I’m one of these people who get this genius idea to be healthy and get in to the swing of things for about… 3 days and then it’s really a crash landing mission from there on out, with like a million bumps along the way. I’m doing awful, as usual, but I just had that little light bulb idea of attempting to be healthy again. 100th time lucky?

Any way, let’s kick start this attempt at daily writing.

I woke up with no particular mood. Wasn’t unhappy, wasn’t unbareably happy either. Then the sun came out, automatic mood brightener. Made breakfast, argued with the boyfriend, then continued to stress about the amout of dog hair that my dog malts, made coffee, started a little bit more writing, and then low and behold ended up writing on my blog, yay. So, I’m currently sat here, drinking orange and peach volvic water to hydrate myself after my coffee, and listnening to my boyfriend attempting to make popcorn from scratch.

Today will be my day.

Love always,



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