Yet more ramblings.

Good afternoon my beautiful readers.

Today started off in a not so great way. Planned to go swimming and get my writing done and so on and so forth, we got half way to the pool before my cramps kicked in again (thank you body for ruining my day.) Walked home, tired as anything, embracing the wind. How weird does that sound? I felt like I was in a movie with an air blowing machine in my face.. except I looked like the furthest thing from a movie star with my hair all over the place and coat done up to my chin.. that’s English weather for you. So I got in to find my dog had been let outside and gotten mud all over the fresh bed sheets, thanks again for that Marley. I was then greeted with her “idgaf” stare. Charming. So anyway, sheets were then thrown in the wash and the over baring need to drink coffee was upon me, which has now been sorted as I enjoy slurping (such an attractive word) on my coffee as I type. I swear I should have been born American, but what can you do?

My plans for the rest of the day are rather simple. Eat crap, write and play mind numbing games until I no longer know the answer to what my own name is. Please tell me I’m not the only person who does this? Healthiness will have to wait until tomorrow (again.)

My boyfriend and I will be moving our room around again, for the second time in 4 days.. He wanted change, and then decided that he wasn’t fond of it, but what can you do when your boyfriend is a perfectionist? That’s what I find funny. My boyfriend loves everything to be in its exact place, clean and tidy, and again, perfect. I on the other hand don’t mind a little chaos here and there. There is nothing wrong with a few clothes on the floor and not knowing the whereabouts of your hair brush.. just me?

Any way, hope you enjoyed this little read.

Love always,



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