Just a little something

Good afternoon, beautiful.

To say today’s weather is awful would be a lie, it’s down right tragic. I’m feeling overbaringly proud that I’ve managed to set up a new blog dedicated to my writing, so whethere or not you wish to check that out is up to you, my link is here

I feel like the weather is setting my mood and I’m trying not to let it.

I finished reading Molly McAdams’ new book To The Stars and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t feel emotionally involved in it as I did. Molly McAdams is literally my absolute idol. If there were any author I ever aspired to be like, it would be her. If you’ve never read any of her book, I strongly urge you to do so.

I woke up today, in a really good mood. Got up at quarter past eight, went and used the bathroom, made myself a cup of Twinings new apple and pear green tea, and got back into bed to finish off reading To The Stars. I then went for a shower and blow dryed my hair, preparing myself to get ready to go in to town. LOW AND BEHOLD I look outside and it has started raining. Let’s bare in mind here that I’m wearing leggings and I had no suitable shoes to go out in… unless of course it was deemed acceptable to wear sandals or flip flops out in early February. I thought not. It was either that or wear my new Vans that I was not prepared to ruin yet, or uggs which would surely eventually soak through and I would end up carrying around my own personalised puddles. Needless to say, I wasn’t leaving the house today.  I’ve literally just finished setting up my new blog dedicated to my writing, however I’m finding myself too scared to post, as I have no idea how to stop people from stealing my ideas.. Not at all that my stories are even worth stealing. I’m sure I’ll have a little something written on there by the time I’ve posted this blog.. maybe just a snippet though, I’ll need to know if people actually like what I write first. Any way, I’ve consumed today’s coffee too, so that’s helped my mood, oh and I’ll be staying with my cousins next week, so expect a few beachy pictures (hopefully) or even just ones of tree’s.. who knows?

Any way, I’m off to attempt to be productive.

Love always,



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