Valentines and all that jazz

Good morning world, and happy Valentines Day.

Do not worry, I’m not dedicating this post to Valentines at all. It’s overrated, although I’ve had my years of celebrating, I feel that there should not be a certain day dedicated to your loved ones, you should appriciate and treat them well every day.

Moving on. Today’s weather is definitley beautiful, there is no doubt about it, it makes me excited for summer. Long walks, beach trips and most importantly tanned skin, in my case burnt, thanks for those genes, dad. I’m currently sat on my bed typing away whilst the dog hair piles up on my leggings, THANK YOU SEASONS FOR MAKING MY DOGS FUR MALT. Oh, yes, that does mean I allow my dog on my bed. I’ve never understood the people who don’t. My day is mostly dedicated to my dog, because why celebrate having a boyfriend when I can celebrate having a pet that manages to get excited about the same thing every day! Go out, come back and it’s like she hasn’t seen me in years, I’d love to have that much enthusiasm over the same thing every day!

Unfortunatley I cannot report on having my usual coffee, I did however enjoy a nice cuppa this morning, and when I went to have my second…LOW AND BEHOLD.. there was no sugar left. It’s always tragic when there is no sugar left.. Saying that, I think it’s worse when you actually make the tea, go to get the milk and that’s not there. Nothing more heartbreaking in my opinion.

I’ve decided I need to cut my hair. When it’s down, which I cannot bare recently, unless I’ve curled it, it sits just in the middle of my back, it’s been years since I’ve had my hair cut properly, the stress is very real.

Right, Marley is sitting at my feet with her toy in her mouth, wanting to play. I’m off.

Love Always,


Ps, feel free to check out my other blog which I post attempted stories on here.


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