What a beauTEAful day.

Good morning world. I’m formally apologising for not posting for the past two days, I’ve been a little busy. Look at me “formally apologising” as if it mattered! haha!

I’ve got a lot to get done today, and a lot of time to do it in, however, I can tell already that I’m going to leave everything to the last minute, like usual, and then run around like a headless chicken. I’ve gone off of coffee recently.. it’s that feeling that it leaves in your mouth after you’ve finished drinking it that I don’t like.. Saying that, it really does depend where the coffee is from. So instead today I’m reporting that I am drinking tea instead. HELLO ALL TEA LOVERS OF THE WORLD.

Actually that is something that confuses me.. People who don’t like tea.. or coffee. My cousin for example! Like where we’ll be like “Oh, I really fancy a good cup of tea/coffee” what does she say? I’ll ask her later.

I’m praying for the weather to be nice today, but looking outside I’m not even sure which way it’s going to go. One side of me is screaming for it to be cold so I can wear my jumper.. the other is wanting it to be at least a little bit warm so I can walk around with my coat undone and not look like a small, green marshmallow. Yay me.

My lungs are longing for the fresh air that comes with going down south.. those of you living in London or the surrounding area (not that I live close, cause really I don’t) will know what I mean. You can tell the difference in air quality when you go down by the sea, it doesn’t feel as heavy, if that’s even possible? That and there are like no airplane’s anywhere, it’s weird when you’re used to hearing one every 20 minutes.. or when I can actually hear one being that I’m deaf!

Anyway, sorry for the nonsense, I’ll report back tomorrow.

Love always,






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