A little bit of time.

Hello beautiful readers.

Today’s post is a little different for me as I’m posting from my phone (I was going to bring my laptop with me and then last minute decided not to… I have no idea why.

So, I’m typing as I walk downstairs to make tea (I could get used to this whole walking and blogging thing y’know!) Tea is like my new coffee.. Which I have already discussed, and I Promise to stop going on about it.. Hmm.. I may actually start blogging from my phone.. All the more reason to be able to write when I’m out instead of trying to get notes written down all the time! 

I was just thinking about some changes that I need to make to my lifestyle.. Maybe I should try a caffeine detox again.. Then again, maybe not. 

So, as predicted the air down here is nowhere near as heavy as it feels back home, I’ve taken some really nice pictures.. However I won’t be sharing them until Monday morning (excluding my featured picture.) I feel more relaxed than I have in a while, minus some weird little anxiety episode I had last night (I’m hoping it wasn’t obvious) but I got over it pretty quickly! 

It’s always weird when you leave your usual surroundings. I feel like I’ve had a whole new perspective on life right now, and I feel even more determined to achieve my goals.. I guess it’s a good place to be to get your head on straight, right? It’s definitely quieter than what I’m used to, but who’s complaining? 

Any way, I shall be back tomorrow with a new post (hopefully. Maybe even a new one tonight, who knows?!)

Love always,



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