Spontaneity is always the best.

To anybody who has ever felt like they aren’t worth it.

You are. Don’t let anyone ever tell you differently. That person that you thought was your entire world, you’ll get over them. When you thought that you wouldn’t be able to walk any more when they broke your heart, look at you now, you’re flying.

Don’t ever let another person make you feel anything less than perfect. Don’t let them treat you like shit, fight back. Be better than them. SHOW THEM that you’re better than them, that you’re capable of walking on your own two feet and that you don’t need them by your side ever. 

To anyone dealing with any kind of negative person in their life, drop them. Drop them like they would you if they had the next best model. Show them that actually you’re better off and you can achieve great things, even though they told you that you were worthless. Those times where you make excuses as to why it’s okay that they treat you bad, stop it. They don’t deserve the excuse, they don’t deserve you. 

I know this post made no sense at all, but I don’t want any body to feel like another person defines them. Like they come in a pair. “Oh, you mean Jack and Lucy” no. Be just Jack or just Lucy, you’re your own person, you don’t need to deal with anyone in your life making you feel like you’re nothing, like you’re worthless. Because, sweetheart, they were never worth it in the first place.

Love always,



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