Thoughts, feelings and everything in between.

Good morning world.

The sun is nowhere to be seen, however, my mood remains good. I have my tea in hand and crumpets in the toaster… How English of me.

I’m going to make it my goal not to worry about what I’m consuming today, however I will keep an eye on my calorie intake nonetheless. The kitchen is crowded and it’s a good atmosphere. 

I have about 0 plans for the day, unless you consider consuming my weight in tea and avoiding all things carbohydrate (unless you consider a crumpet a carb.. Which it is.)  

Tea has been consumed and I’m not going to be ready for another one for a while now.. So instead I remain in my cousins bedroom whilst she plays bingo… That’s right, my 18 year old cousin plays bingo.. Anyway.. Where was I? 

You have to bare in mind that I’ve been writing this post with like 15 minute intervals, so if it makes no sense at all. There is your explanation.

Any way, sorry it’s short and sweet, but hope you enjoyed reading it nonetheless. 

Love always,



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