Hannah’s ramblings #6 

Good morning world.

Daylight is upon us and that fresh air that comes with being where I am has never been more needed.

Saying I’m exhausted would be an understatement, but I’m just going to get on with it as its my last day with my cousins. Tea will be made ASAP and the need to throw my phone has become overbearing, maybe I should just switch the thing off today. 

For the first time in what feels like forever, I woke up to the sounds of birds singing. It was almost like being a real life Cinderella, except of course, I don’t speak to mice and they don’t make my clothes for me. *Sigh* if only. 

I want to do the whole “I’m content with life thing” but if I did, I’d be lying to you. But just because I’m not there right now, doesn’t mean I won’t be soon. I’ve got some much needed changes coming my way, oh and I’m going to try and not be such a push over. Learn to stand on your own two feet, Hannah. God damn.

I feel like Hide Away by Daya is my song right now. You’ve got to admit, she’s got a point in her lyrics, talented little thing.

I think the way forward now is to stop giving a shit about everyone else and focus on myself. If I had £1 for every time I put somebody before myself, he’ll, I’d be a rich woman.. Again with the day dreaming.

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy your day, and that you loved this post? 

Keep your chin up, keep smiling and for god sake don’t let anybody bring you down.

Love always,



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