Pier into my blog

Good morning world, and what a beautifully sunny, frosty morning it is.

There is honestly nothing better to me than cold weather.. unless I’m outside, then god, please, let’s get a little sunshine up in here. I just find anything frosty beautiful, y’know? It all just looks so much better frosty.

So…. in 6 days time March will be upon us somehow. Like, hi, hello, where did January go? I mean I thought last year was quick, this year seems to be flying by. Like literally yesterday it was Christmas. What?

I have officially decided that anyone who does not have a pet needs to get one ASAP. Like what are you doing? Everyone needs a pet in their life. Whether it’s for company or just to show it off. “How cute does Bubbles look right now?” Instagram post’s are great. Boost up those likes, and then if you’re lucky they’ll do something adorably cute and you can just fuss over them for hours, because what animal doesn’t love attention? Marley has this new habit of waking my boyfriend up during the night so she can be let under the covers, only to remain there for 10 minutes before she decides that her bed is the perfect temperature, and then repeat. Because why sleep in one bed when you have the choice of two? am I right or am I right?

Any way, stuff needs to be done today making my post that much shorter.

Hope you’ve all had a good week so far, oh and I’ve just posted more of my story on my writing blog. Check that out here.

Love always,




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