Apparently height defines age.

Good morning beautiful readers, I’d just like to take a little second to say thank you for liking my posts, it encourages me to write so much more when I can see that people actually like what I’m writing.

Any way, moving on. The sun is out and it looks beautiful outside, but the chances of me taking that back when I go to leave later will be second to none. My hair will no doubt be flying all over the place, and I’ll be attempting to walk whilst the wind is blowing at me (that’s if it’s windy, please god, don’t let it be windy.)

Things have been more than perfect recently, and even though it’s only Thursday I’m already making plans for this weekend, and I am BEYOND excited… that’s if everything goes according to plan of course, other wise everyone is going to be dealing with one stroppy bitch throughout the weekend. Good luck any body who crosses my path. I love it when I say stuff like that, if anyone pissed me off I’m literally the most least likely person to be argue with someone.. I’d probably just walk away and throw a strop.

I was woken up this morning with a cup of tea, which was lovely.. and I have to reheat it in a second (withdraw your comments, I am aware that it has a slightly different taste when you reheat tea.)

When I was staying with my cousins last week I wasn’t thinking and accidentally swore in front of my younger cousins, which was then replied with “you’re not old enough to say those words” THANK YOU HEIGHT, YOU BASTARD. I then had to proceed to tell them that I am in fact 20 years old and that I am old enough but should not have said it in front of them. Which actually reminds me of the time I went out for a meal with them. I was about 17 and I walked in with my then 15 and 11 year old cousins and their parents (not my aunt and uncle, their mum is my cousin, it’s too long to explain) the waitress walks up to us, looks around and is like “so that’s 3 adults and 2 children” I WAS 17… what child has boobs?! I mean really. I know that’s a bad excuse, but hello, I was 17.. Never understood how anyone could take me for any other age. I suppose I’ll be thankful for it in the long run.

Love always,



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