Date night, Lush and mermaid beliefs.

Good morning world! It’s Friday, so even more reason to be happy, am I right or am I right?

I’ve had my usual morning tea.. in a huge mug may I point out, and a nice breakfast. Tonight is date night so I’ll be having to eat as little as possible in order to enjoy myself tonight.. Not in a “I’m going to an all you can eat buffet” kind of way.

I’m not really sure why couples make a fuss out of date night, giving that I just kind of did, I think it’s a weird concept. Like “hey, we’re still together and look we’re going out for a meal or to a movie or something, look at us” I have no idea what point I was just trying to get out there.

Do you know what bothers me? Couples who try to out do other couples. Last time I checked being in a relationship wasn’t a competition. Which reminds me of another thing, those people so desperate to get in a relationship. Slow your roll sweetheart, find yourself first before diving head first in a relationship. God damn.

Any way. It would appear that I’ve almost used all of my Lush bubble bars, god forbid! I need to seriously restock. I’ve always been a huge fan of baths and bubble baths. My mum used to call me a water baby when I was younger, and I because of this I developed an obsession with mermaids. I used to collect mermaid ornaments.. well I only have 2, but that’s because I’m obsessed with the huge one I have. 20 years old and still a firm believer of mermaids… can you say psycho, anyone? But seeing as we’re still on the subject, it’s not just baths I was obsessed with.. any chance I could get I’d beg my mum to take me and my brother swimming, and if it wasn’t that, we were visiting family down by the sea. Then summer came and my dreams came true. Even though it was small (it was massive to me a the time) my mum brought a 10ft pool. I was over the moon. I was now a fully committed mermaid in my 12 year old mind. Nothing was going to stop me from being a mermaid…. and then came the winter months, the pool was still out. Mermaid’s swim in freezing cold water all the time I thought to myself. Needless to say, I wasn’t that committed.

Hope you loved reading this little post today.

Love always,



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