She’s rambling again..

Good morning world, I’d love to comment on what a beautiful morning it is, only my view appears to be grey skies.. and I’ve just washed my hair and have to go out later, so thank you for that mother nature, I just know you’re thinking of me.

Tea and breakfast will be made imminently, once I get over the fact that I made the catastrophic mistake of brushing my teeth before eating or drinking this morning, clearly I’m coming down with something.

I have come to the decision that I no longer appreciate Marley trying to share her lovely, ginger fur coat with us. There’s only so many times I can hoover down myself before I go out any where, and pulling clothes out of the washing machine with fur on them still is not okay. Spring/summer, can we hurry the seasons a long a little please… At this rate, I’ll be able to sew a brand new fur coat together for hairless dogs… Or real dog fur coats for other dogs, all without harming Marley. What do you think of that moo? (pet name for her) Maybe it’s just me, but her eyes got a little wider. She’s selfish only sharing her fur with my boyfriend and I.

I want to make a conscious decision to cut my hair. Not by much, maybe just a little trim. However, my hair sits just past the middle of my back now (when dry and not curled or styled in any way) but the idea of someone taking too much off or not cutting it how I’ve asked mortifies me more than you’ll ever know.

Oh, I’m also going to try to start eating better tomorrow, again. It seems to be a running thing that I’ve started talking about now, so sorry for the people who have read this repetitively. I do kind of try.. but temptation gets the better of me.. even when there really isn’t any temptation. You understand?

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read yet another of my rambles.

Love always,





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