Do I ever stop talking?

Good morning beautiful readers, the sun is shining, no birds are singing I have my coffee in hand and Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself is playing in the background,  could the morning get any better?

Even though you have no idea that I started this post and got distracted by other social media, I’m going to apologise for doing so, almost as if you we’re here, y’know?

To say that this weekend has gone quickly so far, would be an absolute understatement, I’m fairly certain that it was Monday only yesterday, ya feel me?

So the whole eating healthy thing has been going okay… minus the fact that I’ve had take away for the past 3 nights for dinner. I cannot resist temptation, which is something I obviously need to lock down on. It’s like the beginning of spring and I’m only just starting my diet.. well, re starting if you count the other two times I failed at it.

OH! you guys! This is not a product review before you jump to conclusions, BUT, the other day I was watching Trisha Paytas on Youtube, shout out to all the fishies out there! (you’ll only understand if you watch Trish.) So any way, I was going through some videos I had already seen and she was doing a shower routine one (how beautiful is her shower though?!) And I saw that she used a hair mask. Let’s bare in mind that I had never heard of this before in my entire life. So, whilst  shopping in Tesco the other day, I saw a hair mask and just had to pick it up. The one I got was the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration, deep nourishing intensive mask. Okay, 1, not only does it smell AMAZING, but never has my hair felt softer in all my life. Because it’s an intensive one though, you’re only supposed to use it once a week, and I CANNOT WAIT to use it next week. My hair is fairly dead from the amount of times I’ve dyed it and the fact that I haven’t cut it in about two years, which seriously needs to be rectified, I know, but this hair mask literally works WONDERS. In case you guys wanna pick it up, i’ll put a picture below of what it looks like. I think it’s usually £4 something, but I got it half price.


Any way, hope you enjoyed this little read, and if you haven’t seen any of Trish’s video’s click either this link to her main channel or to her everyday vlogging one here.

Oh, and this link if you want to purchase the hair mask.

Love always,



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