Romance novel pet hates.

Good evening world, have you missed me? Of course you have.

How have you been? good? good!

I wish like every other time that I write that I had a specific goal, something to write about, and I’m sad to say that I don’t, and that this is really me just going on and on again (I hope you don’t mind.)

So, for those of you unaware, I’m a big reader. Love books, literally cannot get enough of them. When I was younger it was all about action and adventure, I loved it, and as I’ve got older it’s gotten more and more about romance. What can I say? I’m a hopeless romantic.

So, I thought I’d share my absolute PET HATE. When getting to know characters and building a story line, it’s almost predictable in a romance novel 9 times out of 10 that it’s going to be about some cocky, insanely hot guy that can’t be tamed until he meets this girl who ‘isn’t like anybody else’ right? So, that’s all well and good, I’m down for that. HOWEVER, DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT, bring the guy into the story and what? not even quarter of the way through the book he’s all ‘I’ve never met anyone like you, I really like you’ blah blah blah, and baring in mind at this point they’ve met like what? 5 times? NO. NO, NO, NO, NO AND NO. Let him be a bad boy. Let them have that push and pull relationship. Don’t have him perceived as the play boy and then have him brought to his knees in a week. What kind of story line is that? I’m going to be disinterested the second you throw that shit in there. Stop. Let the story role how it would in real life. You want me to read the rest of your book, yes? KEEP ME INTERESTED.

Any way, I have no idea what that was.

Love always,




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