Penny for my thoughts.

Good morning world. Positive vibes only this week.

It’s 7:36 am (it won’t be when I post this, I know) and the sun is somewhat attempting to make its appearance today. Looking outside and the garden has that to die for golden glow over it, and I’m happy.

The next few months for me are going to be somewhat tiring, but hopefully what I’m striving to achieve will be worth it in the end. Sadly, I’m not going to comment any further before I know whether it’s actually going to happen or not, but I promise that as soon as I know for definite, you guys will too. Not that there is anyone interested, but I’ll tell you any way.

I’ve consumed this mornings tea and I’m yet to have breakfast, but that can wait a little longer. Marley is happily curled up on my bed with me, and my bedroom has suddenly turned artic cold. I think it’s time to put the heating on.

The weather recently has been unbearably beautiful, well, yesterday’s weather, and I’ve been spending my time reading and trying to get my brain into writing mode.

I cannot wait for summer. Reading outside, sunbathing, BBQ’s.. You get what I’m saying.

I find when I do post it’s usually first thing in the morning, apparently my brain can’t comprehend the idea of writing anything any time past 1. It’s like my own personal reset button if you will.

Any way, until next time.

Love always,



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