Hello, miss me?


Hello world, quite the uh, intro there, right?

Today is a beautiful day, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and I say that more often than I care to remember.

I apologise for not posting in god knows how long. I’ve been up to my ears in writing and when I’m not writing I’m reading and getting on with my day to day life, it’s all very exciting, right?

Let’s get more to the point though. You’ve missed me, haven’t you? It’s okay to admit it.

So, spring is officially upon us, exciting right? Very. But now to what everyone really cares about. EASTER. CHOCOLATE. EVERYWHERE. Now, as a 20 year old you’d expect me to have stopped getting easter eggs by the age of what? 12? 13? Not in my family. Keep them coming. I can’t help but notice that I sound like fat Amy there. How attractive.

Give me a minute, I’m just going to shower…

I’m back, see that didn’t take long at all now did it? There’s something motivating about King – Years & Years blasting when you’re in the shower, love a bit of upbeat music.

Any way, where was I? Ah. Think of it this way, 2 more days of work, 4 day weekend, and in that 4 day weekend will be the biggest chocolate binge ever, right? Not for you personally, but a hell of a lot of chocolate is going to be consumed over Sunday.

My boyfriend’s mum has this tradition of making a ‘fry up’ on easter Sunday. By this I mean, they consume creme eggs, chocolate fingers etc. I say they because chocolate first thing in the morning is not something I can do, however, it’s nice to keep a silly tradition like that alive, right?

Hope you’ve found this mornings post a little interesting, if not, I hope you’ve at least smiled.

Love always,



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