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Writing is my remedy.

Good morning world. I currently have Who I Am by Anna Clendening playing next to me on my phone, it’s literally the biggest mood booster. So those of you feeling a little bit down this morning, take yourself on over to youtube and give it a little search, I guarantee it’ll make you feel that much better. Positive vibes only first thing in the morning.

I have fresh tea in hand and I am ready to tackle the day head first! Today will be a good day!

Oh, again, I apologise for not posting on my writing blog… I’m going to pause mid sentence to get something up… Which you can now find here, it’s short but it was last minute, and I would appreciate any feedback at all!

Since we’re on the subject, I may as well speak about my writing. It is almost like an escape for me. My problems disappear because I’m creating somebody else’s story and creating their own problems and throwing drama into their life. The whole concept of writing for me is for the reader to really enjoy what they’re reading. For someone to say that they could picture themselves in the room with any of my characters, or relate to a situation in my story is and will always be my greatest achievement. And where would I be without books too? I need inspiration to write as well, and if it wasn’t already obvious romance is my go to. Who doesn’t want to read about some gorgeous tall, tanned and tatted guy who only has eyes for one girl? Everyone wants to believe that they are all their partner could ever need and there would be no swaying their choice.

I am in love with love. I am in love with creating fictional romances.

Love always,



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