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Netflix, you beauty.

Good morning world.

So, this morning, I had no idea what to talk about or if I were even going to write a post, but then this beauty jumped right out in front of me, and there was no thinking about it, this post HAD to be made.

So, Netflix lovers. Who doesn’t love a good sit down at the end of the day, or for the whole weekend, or just everyday, to watch Netflix. I have almost finished all seasons of every programme I got into. Let me list my faves. Peaky Blinders – finished 2 series in 2 days, however, series three comes out on May 5th, next Thursday on BBC Three, and best believe I’m watching it. Once Upon A Time – I’ve got like 5 more episodes until I finish season 5. Breaking Bad – Need I say more? Any way, you get the point.

So, I’m scrolling down the Facebook newsfeed this morning, and what do I come across? A caption that says “Neil Patrick Harris looks unrecognisable as Count Olaf.” My first instinctual thought was “what is this?” So I googled it… to find THIS beautiful link here. Trust me, you will thank me later. I am beyond excited for this new series to come out and I guess in the mean time I’m going to have to find a new series to become obsessed with until it comes out.

What is your favourite Netflix series?

Love always,



One thought on “Netflix, you beauty.

  1. Love this post. I adore Netflix so much and I think that new series of unfortunate events is going to be amazing. I am loving Once upon a time, Better call Saul, daredevil, breaking bad and orphan black 😊😊 😊


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