Calling all Peaky Blinders fans.

Good morning world.

I don’t think this morning could get any better if it tried.. Well, maybe I’d be a bit more energised, otherwise, it’s perfect.

They key is in the title. So, as you know, or should know, the new series of Peaky Blinders aired last night. However, I didn’t have direct access to BBC Two at that point, but I knew they would post the episode online within the hour of it airing. I got side tracked and watched something else in the mean time, so just before bed I went and made sure it was online, WHICH IT WAS, and vowed to watch it first thing in the morning. WHICH I DID, and it could not possibly have gone any better than it did! SPOILER ALERT. For those of you who have not yet seen it, do not read any further. So, naturally when I saw Tommy’s wife to be in her black veil, the first thing I looked out for was hair colour *please do not be brunette, please do not be brunette*.. Let’s bare in mind that it was quarter to 7 in the morning at this point. So, I’m staring at this veil, I turn to my boyfriend and say “It’s not Grace, she’s got brown hair, this wedding is going to be a business wedding. For god sake.” Less than a minute later, she pulls off her veil and who is revealed? Grace. The tears were very very real. Can we also take a minute for baby Charles? I am dying.

Now, let’s take a minute for Arthur’s new woman, Linda. Quickly moving aside from her, we all know about Tommy’s new business with the Russians. Now back to Linda. I thought she was cute. She’s religious, and she seems to be good for Arthur. Now, the scene just after Arthur walks out from his best man’s speech, he’s stood in the door way with Linda, and Tommy comes out and asks for a word alone with Arthur. At this point, my boyfriend turns around to me and says. “Keep an eye on her.” I said “Really?” he nodded. Which made me question the random Russian guy at the wedding. We all want to think he’s supposed to have been a bad guy from the soviet union, yes? But before Arthur killed him, he asked him not to.. It’s just the way he went about it made me question things. He knew what was going to happen when Arthur told him to go to the stables.. and yet he still went. He could have killed Arthur himself, if he wanted to, but didn’t.

What did you think when you saw Grace take her veil off? Opinions on Linda?

Love always,



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