Peaky Blinders and stupid Russian nobody.

Good morning/almost afternoon my fellow bloggers and viewers.

Peaky Blinders was on last night.. So it should be fairly obvious as to what I’m going to talk about. Let it be known that I will be posting after every episode.

SPOILER ALERT. If you are yet to watch the latest episode, do not read any further.

So… Grace was shot. I’m fairly certain that it was either just under or just above her collar bone. So, she should be fine. But in the event that she is not.. After next weeks episode expect a very angry post. Grace is literally my favourite character, ever.

Can we also just stop for a minute and look at how weak Arthur is getting. What happened to our beloved unpredictable Arthur? And suddenly John’s all protective over Lizzie? I get that he wanted to marry her at one point, but come on. Also, forgive me for not remembering names of characters that I have 0 interest in.. but I CANNOT stand that Russian bitch. “Does your wife know that the sapphire she’s wearing has been cursed by a gypsy?” Do you want a slap, bitch? I hate her, literally, hate her, so much.

Any way, hope you all have a fab weekend, the sun is currently out, and I see no reason for anyone to not be enjoying themselves a frozen cocktail. Just me?

Love always,


Ps- go on, say it. ‘She’s used that same picture as last time for her Peaky Blinders post.’ Yes. Because look how beautiful Cillian Murphy is, duh.


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