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Work work work work work… out.

Good morning, world. I am in a fabulous mood. Blame the awful weather. Idk, there is something motivating about it!

So yesterday I went and topped up on my ice and vanilla syrup (just the word alone bothers me) for my iced coffee’s.. and then I made the decision right after buying them that I would attempt at being healthy. I guess that limits me to like one a week.. LIFE.

I need to get more motivated. I literally have sugar surrounding me every corner I turn. TEMPTATION EVERYWHERE. No biggie, I got this.

Ladies and gents.. the most amazing thing just happened, and I’m sorry to report that you weren’t here to witness it. Somebody just walked into the house and for the first time ever MARLEY DID NOT BARK! brb, giving her a treat.. good behaviour deserves rewards! YOU GO GIRL.

Maybe I should start vlogging.. I say that.. I literally have nothing to talk about, and I’m not sure everyone would be prepared for my off subject talk. One subject to the next.

Also.. props to those who find working out fun. It’s almost like a prison sentence for me.

Love always,



8 thoughts on “Work work work work work… out.

      1. Oh that’s not a bad idea! Do you have a laptop to edit stuff on?? xxx
        This reminds me of when I used to stay round yours and bring my camcorder and we’d be like “we’re famous.” hahah xxx


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