General Woundwort lookalike.

Good afternoon, world.

I am writing this blog post from my bedroom floor. Odd? I know.

So, little old me has had this stupid cough for about two weeks now. I thought it was a chest infection. I thought I’d go to the doctors and they would prescribe me amoxicillin… How wrong I was.

Apparently I have viral bronchitis. And they do not prescribe antibiotics for that… No, they prescribe… inhalers. Hopefully calling an out of hours doctor tonight who will hopefully cure me. Ha. One can always dream.

How are you all? I know it’s been a while. I’m about to indulge in a game of sims… anything to take my mind off of this damn cough and exhaustion. Have you guys ever seen the film Watership Down? I feel like I look like The General. Yay. For those of you who have not seen it, google it, you’ll probably laugh! If not, I’ll put it as the featured picture for this post.

Honey in my tea is the only thing getting me through this rough time. Probably going to look up home remedies because I cannot be dealing with this.

Love always,




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