Blog sprucing.

Good morning world.

The weather looks beautiful outside, it’s currently 16 degrees.. I’ve had about 8 hours of broken sleep, and am ready to shoot the next person who pisses me off.

So.. IT’S BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY… who’s excited? everyone.. y’know.. except for you poor, unfortunate people who have to work bank holiday’s.. I am sorry to have rubbed it in.

On another note.. how am I awake? ..

My blog needs sprucing up and I am not in the mood to do it, but it currently looks like something a 6 year old has come home from school with. “Do you like my drawing?” And then we all lie and say yes to keep them happy and content.

I should probably get to it before I don’t bother!

Love always,


Ps- I’ll write my post about last nights episode of Peaky Blinders after my blog has been re vamped haha.

Pps- I couldn’t help myself with the picture.


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