S&TC, bank holiday’s and strong, independent women.

Good afternoon world.

How are we all on this fab cloudy day? Good? Good.

Bank holiday Monday tomorrow.. which basically means people can treat today like a Saturday, instead of the chilled out Sunday that it’s supposed to be… And then it’s half term for kids.. Joy. Sweet Joy. I’m not at all a child hater.. just the loud, annoying ones, y’know?

I cannot tell you how tired I am. Yet another broken nights sleep… I’m going to stop moaning now. Jeez Louise.

I feel to watch my Sex And The City box set. You ever watch it and kind of turn into “I don’t need a man. I am a strong, independent woman who goes out on lunch dates and cocktail hours with my girlfriends” and then you realise that you’re not lucky enough to have your own column and have people love what you write. Ya feel me?

Raising my cup of tea to all you ladies out there who feel yourself and love what you do. I’m truly jealous. Let’s swap lives? No? … Notice how I said tea.. I’m so classy. It’s all honey teas and ibuprofen in my life these days. I need to stop being so damn adventurous.

Love always,



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