That Sims 4 life.

Okay, so I’m going to explain this as best as I can.

Okay, so once upon a time, there was a girl name Marielle Escalante.

05-31-16_12:57:26 PM.png

Marielle always wanted to have a big happy family. She wanted nothing more than to be a parent. After  five years of living alone, she was starting to think that her dreams were going to stay that way. Just dreams. Until the day she met Paolo Rocco.

05-31-16_1:00:57 PM

He was sweet, charming, and everything she could have wished for.. However, rumour had it that he had a bit of a wondering eye. . After 3 years of dating, Paolo finally popped the question and Marielle could not have been more happy. Another year went by and Marielle became Mrs Rocco.. Although she didn’t change her last name.

Another two blissful years went by and Marielle found out she was expecting. She didn’t want to know the gender of her child however, she wanted it to be a surprise.

Marielle was in her second trimester when she caught Paolo cheating with…. wait for it. The mail woman.

05-31-16_1:01:26 PM

Meet Tierra Vu. Marielle however was not a push over. Being the respectable woman that she is, divorced Paolo on the spot (because y’know, you can do that in sims 4.)

Then her third trimester comes along, and not long after her little girl.

Meet Elle Escalante.

05-31-16_12:58:48 PM

Elle is creative and loves nothing more than to have her friends over at the weekend and swim in her pool.

Not long after Elle’s birthday, Marielle found out that Paolo and Tierra had eloped and had had a little baby girl. Introducing Elle’s half sister Tamika.

05-31-16_1:02:06 PM

Amongst all this chaos, Marielle finally found true love in the form of new neighbour Malachi Chapman.

05-31-16_1:04:04 PM

After getting to know each other for over a year and Marielle telling herself that she would never get involved with another man, she caved in.

Now 2 years later. Malachi is moved in, the best step father to Elle.. and a great father to their son Jaxen.

05-31-16_12:59:21 PM

Oh? Did I forget to mention that baby number 3 is on the way?

Love always,



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