Me, rambling? never.

Aloha, world.

It’s Wednesday evening, June 1st.. and my attempts at being healthy are at an all time 0. Ha.

The weather is miserable and it seems to have put me in a better mood, which makes 0 sense, I know.

Seeing as I just heard the words “I now pronounce you husband and wife” coming from the living room, I’m going to have a little chinwag with you about relationships.

Next month my boyfriend and I will have been together for 4 years. Mad. Don’t know how we’ve dealt with each other. I’m dead nervous for the day he proposes.. if at all. Isn’t that odd? He may not be my future husband. I may not even get married at all. Anything is possible. What an odd thought. I could marry someone entirely different.

I’m rambling again.

Love always,



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