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Somebody give this girl a dictionary.

Good morning, world.

I’ve got Boys Like You by Who Is Fancy ft Meghan Trainor and Ariana Grande. So I apologise if my  post this morning makes 0 sense. Oh, never mind the song just changed. SoMo – Buy U A Drank. That sounds so odd. Ha.

How is everyone on this sunny/muggy Thursday? I’m currently sat here typing away, sipping on my DECAF coffee. I had to point out that it’s decaf, y’know?

I’ve got to blow dry my hair and curl it in a minute.. I’m not feeling all the effort. If you’ve got hair as long as mine… You’ll fully understand my struggle, others of you.. just sit down.

I’ve got to go out with little paint spots on my leggings because it won’t come off.. Not that it’s noticeable, but it is to me. Pointless worrying about it when I’ve got to spend the day painting any way. Hoping to paint my room this weekend too. FINGERS CROSSED. Get rid of this ugly blue paint currently on the walls. I am not about that life at all.

Any way, it was nice catching up with you guys.

Love always,


Ps-I am aware that my cover pictures have nothing to do with what I’m talking about. Haha.


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