The world is a weird and wonderful place. And it is also the scariest place. It’s terrifying how quickly things change.

I can remember being 8 years old and if someone asked me “Where do you see yourself when you’re 20.” I would not have seen myself being where I am right now, or having the friends that I have. I would have told you that I see my life the complete parallel to what it currently is.

If someone had said to me when I was 13 “Hannah, I know you’re with your boyfriend right now, but you’ll split up soon, but that’s okay because you’ll get back together in 3 years time and be in a 4 year relationship.” I’d have called them a liar.

I almost feel like we’ve incorporated the past and future together. In the respect that every day things are evolving.. and people are improving new things. But couples are getting together at younger ages and staying together. They’re starting families and getting married young, and that’s what we used to do. I praise all the couples who have gotten together at young ages and stayed together despite interference with other people, despite what other people have to say in their relationship. Why should we bow down to the pressure of other people because they don’t want to see two people happy together?

Do what makes you happy. Other people’s opinions are irrelevant, they’re not living your life. Now all I have to do is programme my own advice into my brain.

Love always,



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