Asian food diet?

Good morning world, and what a lovely day it is.. I say that meaning that it’s not boiling hot and not freezing cold either. It’s just right.. for me any way.

It’s 8:04 am and I’m sat in bed drinking tea and watching The Hairy Bikers’ Asian Adventure. I’m in love with cooking programmes, don’t judge. I’ all about Asian food. I’m all about food full stop.

Any way. This will probably just be another rambling post. I am literally taking 5 minute breaks every time I write.. This programme is obviously distracting… Now I’m down for Asian food.. Some Asian food.. Any spice and I’m gone, me and spice do not go together. Unless the food tastes that good that my mouth and lips burning off becomes bearable for the taste. To be honest, I’m all about ramen. I love cooking programmes, god damn.

Just looked outside… and checked my weather app.. apparently there is a 50% chance of it raining when I need to leave. Brilliant. Just fab. Thank you, world.

It’s 8:21 am and I am dying for some Asian food. That’s the issue with cooking shows, they’re killers for making you hungry. Can I also just point out, that I am not the biggest fan of sushi. Raw fish is a no go for me. Get it out of my life…. Oh, maybe I should go on an Asian food diet, apparently Japan has the lowest obesity rate in the world. Hello Japanese food.

I’ve rambled my way through this post.

Love always,



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