Grumble grumble grumble

Good morning world. It would appear that when I put effort into a post it goes unnoticed, so we’ll just ramble (as always) and see how this one turns out.

I’ve managed to stick to my diet for two weeks now (go me.) It never usually lasts this long. I went to bed at a normal time last night and yet here I sit, struggling to keep my eyes open. I’ve literally got a bundle of things that need doing today and I can just tell that I’m going to struggle to get it all done. YAY me.

You know when you can just tell when whatever the days events that lay ahead are just going to piss you off.. or maybe it literally is just because I’m knackered. Positive thoughts, Hannah, positive thoughts.

On another subject, I literally cannot wait for Winter. I’m frustrated with not knowing what clothes to wear and then when I do make a decision I’m either freezing or boiling. Thank you British summer time.

Any way, that’s enough for today.

Love always,



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