Romance is dead.

Good morning world, and what a beautiful day it is.

How is everyone this morning?

I’ll never even understand how people could even call romance romance in the 21st century. I’m not even sure it’s worth labeling as a “fling.”
What happened to the days where people would meet each other when they were out with groups of friends, or meeting people by accident. Everything literally revolves around social media or consoles.
“So, how did you two meet?” “Well we first spoke when we were playing COD together, and eventually added each other on Facebook, we spoke on Facebook Messenger for a few weeks, and then we both realised how much we really liked each other and decided we should finally meet.”
IF any couple that have met online stay together for long enough, what kind of stories are they going to tell their grandkids about how they met? “He liked my Facebook profile picture, and it started from there.” I’m so happy that I can actually say that I met my boyfriend in the real world. There was no finding him on a mutal friend of ours friend list, or coming across him on Tinder. It was real life, it’s how people should be meeting one another and getting in to relationships, not online.
Gone are the days where you would get a love letter in the post or actually asked out on a real date. Women and men both expect so much from each other, I feel they aren’t showing who they really are when they first meet. Their soul focus is looking good for the other person, they want them to feel attracted to them and vice versa. It’s disappointing because Women are slowly losing respect for themselves, they aren’t at all about looking classy, the first thing they think of is “what is the smallest piece of clothing that I own?” and they don’t have a bit of self respect. I’ll never under stand why 21st century women would want a man to see every thing she has to offer physically the second that she meets him. Don’t you want him to know how inteligent you are, or for him to learn about the things you love and see that you do have a sense of humor? You want him to respect you outside of the bedroom before you even dream of letting him in. Hell, learn about what he wants to do with his life, his dreams and the things he loves. And the same with men. Get to know her first, make her smile, do things together, build memories. What are you getting out of wearing clothes that show off your muscles on the first date and then bedding her? I get you want to brag to your guy friends of how hot she is and the fact that you banged her. Why didn’t you ask her on a date, or just to hang out, get rid of the pressure, don’t let the first thing on your mind be about sleeping with her, she may have the same thing on her mind, but damn make her wait, and ladies vice versa.
Then are the literal pointless humans who go in search of relationships on Tinder or any other dating website (although I wouldn’t really call Tinder a dating website, it’s more like Snog, Marry, Avoid. But in the sense that you don’t ever marry any one.)
What are you achieving? If you’re looking for a relationship online of course whoever you’re talking to, or profile you are reading is going to sound perfect, that’s what they want, don’t expect them to be bullet pointing “controlling asshole who is also a massive hypocrite and doesn’t care about any one else but himself, was only looking for a shag and gets angry when you suddenly get clingy because you think you’re in a relationship.” It’s not going to happen, sorry, you’re going to have to find out the hard way.
Which brings me to another thing. Revenge Porn. Not literally. There is a website out there where if you’ve been dating/seeing/sleeping with someone and they’ve pissed you off for whatever reason, you can send a picture of the nudes that they have sent to you to a website, where it is posted for the world to see. To make matters worse, it has a little bit about the person paragraph above the pictures, e.g Sarah, California, United States. I used to date her for a while until she said she didn’t love me any more, and a year later has a new boyfriend already, deserves everything she gets.
If that’s not screaming that there is something wrong with the 21st century then I don’t know what is.
Okay, okay, I’m done.
Love Always,


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