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Rambling my way through life.

Good afternoon world.

I feel, like the weather, I’m going to get a little serious today, but not like ‘you’re in trouble with your mum’ type serious. Follow my drift?

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate Frank Ocean’s new album? I am beyond obsessed. For those of you who have heard it, what’s your favourite song on the album? Mine is by far Self Control.

My diet appears to have gone out of the window. I restarted yesterday. How many times have I actually told you guys that I’ve restarted a diet though? #ThatHealthyLifestyle. I can diet, that’s not the issue. It’s exercise that is the enemy, but once I get into it, within the week it’s fine. It’s just the first week.

Can we all also just take a minute for the fact that it’s Friday. Nothing beats that Friday feeling. Am I right or am I right?

Also, props to the weather for actually making it feel like September. Hello, autumn.

I’ve managed to ramble my way through this post. Subject upon subject.

Love always,



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