Guess who’s back?

Good morning world. Have you missed me?

It’s been well over a month, and I apologise. A few things have changed recently, therefore disabling me to write on here, that and purely not having a clue what to talk about!

I have my coffee in one hand, and my dragon fruit vitamin water in the other, and I’m ready to go.

So, at the beginning of this month, my boyfriend passed his driving test, so we haven’t been in half as much, which is fabulous. I’ve also had all my hair chopped off. It used to sit just above my bum, and now it sits nicely on my shoulders, but trust me, it was a dead weight that needed ridding of!

I’ve been spending my days in shopping centres and woodlands, but mostly woodlands (petrol costs a fortune. Little did I know.) I’ve been down to the beach and I’ve just really been enjoying life recently.

Can we also all just get on to the fact that CHRISTMAS is literally right around the corner?! I am beyond excited and I CANNOT wait to go Christmas shopping properly this year (because bf drives) instead of ordering next to everything off of Amazon (it’s cheap and cheerful, okay?!)

Also on my agenda this morning is trying not to kill some one or Marley (dog) as my boyfriend apparently thought it would be a great idea to let her out half way through the night and let her sleep on our bed.. Hello muddy paw prints, I have not missed you one bit. And to top it off, someone else is currently using the washing machine. I’m not sure my day get’s much better than this!

The only happiness I can truly express right now is my featured picture, which I took in the woods. Hello learning photography skills!

Have a brill week, everyone!

Love always,



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