Goodbye 2016.

Dear online diary…

It’s official I’m over 2016. From the weight gain to the mental struggles I’ve been dealing with, 2016 can literally (excuse my language.) Fuck off. 2017 will hopefully bring so many more positive things to my life. I’m going to work on myself more, and what I want and just focus on the important things in life and not waste any more time.

I’m so so so ready for this year to be over, so ready to work on myself and try to achieve the goals I had already set for this year. I’m not about the ‘new year, new me’ it’s more ‘new year, better me.” Why strive to be a completely different person, when you can just strive to work on yourself a little.

I hope you guys have an amazing new year, I won’t be posting again until New Year’s Day.. (Not that I’ve done well with keeping to any kind of schedule any way.) But, here’s to an amazing new year, and what I hope will be my best year yet.

How’s that for inspiration?

Love always,



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