Good morning beauties.

Isn’t it funny how quickly a person can adapt to another and pick up their habits?

I remember being 16 years old and in a new and exciting relationship with my current boyfriend (well, as exciting as it gets being 16 years old.) It was the first night that my mum had allowed said boyfriend to stay over, and so shoot me, yes, we slept in the same bed. God forbid, right? I remember turning over, as you do in that sleepy ‘should I wake up or have another couple hours’ haze and seeing my boyfriend staring at me, wide eyed, with a sleepy half smile on his face. I looked at him and said “what’s the time?” his reply, to my dismay was “half 7.” My reply being “nope.”Before turning back over and going back to sleep. Let’s bare in mind that before him, I couldn’t hold a coherent conversation within an hour of being awake. I wanted to be left alone and communication was my least favourite thing in the world.

5 Years down the road, I’m awake before him and practically dragging him out of bed by his feet on weekends. Hounding him for attention and conversation in the early hours of Saturday mornings.

I just think it’s funny how little things change you as a person.

Love always,



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