She’s rambling again..

Good morning world.

Have you ever wished you were born somewhere else? A different nationality, maybe?

I’m sat here on this chilly Thursday morning, pondering the same thought over my cup of tea.

I apologise on behalf of myself and the fact that I’m going to probably bounce from one subject to another in this post.

I feel like I’m finally finding myself again. Words are just rolling from my mind right out of my finger tips, and life isn’t feeling so heavy any more. I’m finding positivity in myself instead of looking for it else where, and it’s the best feeling ever. Just being able to make myself happy is like the biggest eye opener, because a few weeks ago, I wouldn’t have thought that that was possible.

I feel like I deny myself happiness because of the way I view myself. ‘Oh, you look this way, you can’t possibly be happy because you look like that.’ ‘Oh, you haven’t achieved as much as everyone else, what do you have to be happy about?’

I feel like it might take a while, but I’m determined to get to where I want to be in life, whether it takes me 2 months or 2 years.

Like my mum says to me ‘don’t run before you can walk.’

Love always,



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