Attempting to blog again.

Good morning, world. It has been too long.

Have you ever looked at your online persona and just thought ‘shut up, honestly’ when you scroll through old status’/tweets/insta’s ?

I am a self proclaimed junk food lover (definitely has to change) and coffee addict. And I’m sitting here pondering to myself how in the hell I’ve gone from making my new years resolution to get healthy to binge eating and living one hell of an unhealthy life style.

No more I say.

I’ll admit, kinda pictured someone from the elizabethan era in a heated argument screaming that.

I want to get back to writing. I literally don’t understand why I stopped and I’ve always been beyond obsessed. I need to re motivate myself, pull my shit together and stop talking about doing things, and just do them

Also, I promise to get back to blogging. I’m sorry for stopping.

Love always,



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