4 years and 10 months I’ve put up with you.

4 years and 10 months I’ve put up with your obsessive clean ways. 

The fact that you don’t like to sit in the bedroom with the curtains drawn, or how everything has to be the way you left it. Or maybe how the left side of the bed is considered yours during the day and only mine when we go to sleep.

4 years I’ve put up with your obsession with cars, and how you never stop talking about them. Especially when you see a car you like when we’re out and you just have to roll your window down to listen to it drive past. 

4 years I’ve dealt with the arguments, the name calling and the abusive text messages when you’re angry.


For 4 years I’ve been round your infectious laughter. 

Been with you when you’ve been so tired that you say “yeah, we’ll watch that movie.” 10 minutes in, you turn toward me and say “I wanna hug.” And fall asleep.

4 years of non stop happiness. 

4 years of just us. And I’m proud to say not many people would be able to stand each other living how we do and how we have.

We’re complete polar opposites, and that’s what makes us so perfect.

I wouldn’t want to do life with anyone else but you. 

Love always,



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